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Harvest of a Quiet Eye

Craig Stevaux, RPCV Thailand 1970-75Harvest of a Quiet Eye

Mr. Stevaux served in Udon, Thailand, which during his service years was the site of an American airbase that served as a launch point for the air war over Laos and North Vietnam. Mr. Stevaux has finally completed a novel set in Udon and hopes that RPCVs who served in Thailand have an opportunity to read his book.  

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A Young American in IranA Young American in Iran by [Klobe, Tom]

Tom Klobe, RPCV Iran 1964-66

In November 1963, a bright Hawaiian morning is shattered by news of the assassination of the President. This marks the beginning of a journey to a remote Iranian village where a young American Peace Corps Volunteer sets out with rebellious tenacity to do what is right, unaware of America’s loss of innocence—and his own. 

From a youthful determination to perpetuate Kennedy’s legacy, to coping with the reality of America’s faults and ambitions, to grappling with unfamiliar customs and languages, to discovering the friendship and love of Iranians, Tom Klobe discovers that being “Tom of Iran” is as fulfilling as being “American Tom."


Three Hundred Cups of Tea and The Toughest Job: Riding the Peace Corps Rollercoaster in Mali, West Africa by [Kanji, Asifa, Drury, David]

Three Hundred Cups of Tea and the Toughest Job: Riding the Peace Corps Rollercoaster in Mali, West Africa

Written by Asifa Kanji and David Drury

When David and Asifa said yes to serving with the Peace Corps in Mali, little did they know they were stepping onto a rollercoaster that would test their endurance, their creativity and patience. At age 60 and 57 they found themselves on the shore of the great Sahara Desert, posted to one of the hottest and poorest parts of Africa. She took up the fight against malnutrition, with a campaign to cultivate the nourishing Moringa tree; he worked with a radio station and cybercafé that cultivated values of democracy and religious toleration. They found love in a hopeless place, a place that challenged them to look again at friendship, family, and development with fresh eyes.

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