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The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai’i (RPCVHI) are dedicated to continuing the spirit of Peace Corps. We volunteer our skills and knowledge, endeavoring to make a difference through community service. We share our rich cross-cultural experience to communicate positive imagery of people, cultures and countries. We gather to serve, have fun, and enjoy our shared experience.  RPCVHI accomplishes its mission through volunteer events, social functions, education, advocacy and networking.


Advance the cause of volunteerism for the betterment of the world and the community.
Facilitate opportunities for volunteerism in Hawai`i and the world.
Engage RPCVs in Hawai’i in service and networking opportunities.
Provide support to currently serving PC volunteers, especially those from Hawai’i.

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Hawai`i Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, PO Box 29462, Honolulu, HI 96820-1862.
The Hawai`i Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and registered domestic non-profit organization in the State of Hawai'i.
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