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Click on this link to download document to view pictures as well as text:  Annual report 2019 for 2020_0223 meeting.pdf


2019 RPCVHI Annual Report

 February 1, 2019 to February 22, 2020

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai'i (RPCVHI) group was informally organized in the late 1980s. In August  1991, the first RPCV of Hawai'i association was created.  RPCVHI became a Hawai'i registered non-profit organization in 2004, and in 2009, was recognized as a Federal 501(c)3 organization.  RPCVHI is a member organization of the National Peace Corps Association.

RPCVHI Mission Statement

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii are dedicated to continuing the spirit of Peace Corps. We volunteer our skills and knowledge, endeavoring to make a difference through community service. We share our rich cross-cultural experience to communicate positive imagery of people, cultures and countries. We gather to serve, have fun, and enjoy our shared experience.


¨ Advance the cause of volunteerism for the betterment of the world and the community,

¨ Provide an opportunity for volunteerism in Hawai`i and the world,

¨ Provide support service and networking for Returned Peace Corps volunteers living in Hawai’i, and

¨ Provide support to currently serving PC volunteers, especially those from the State of Hawai’i.

RPCVHI accomplishes these goals through volunteer events, social functions, education, advocacy and networking.


Our membership maintains RPCV contacts across the islands.

Annual Dues are $20 for lndividual members, $30 for Family members and $10 for Friends.

Member Benefits: 

Annual Picnic is free to members, $5 for guests. The Annual fundraiser has reduced fees for members.  Members have the right to vote for Board members during the Annual meeting elections.

Family Members: 29 total, 21 Active, 8 Lapsed

Friend members: 1 Active

Individual Member:  91 total, 61 active, 30 lapsed

Recently returned: 2 Active

Aloha Care Packages and Aloha Grants 2019

RPCVHI continues to support currently serving PCVs from the State of Hawaii by offering Aloha Care Packages and/or Aloha Grant opportunities.

In January 2019, Andrew Gellen, PCV in Jamaica, received an Aloha Care Package.  Andrew had requested garden supplies and equipment to support his environmental projects in rural Jamaica.

In June 2019, two RPCVHI members, Tom and Linda Foye, learned there is a PCV from Hawaii working in Macedonia, where they were going to “cruise”.   Tom and Linda took Artem Seregeyev, PCV in Macedonia, a care package of teaching supplies for his classroom. 

In October 2019, Virginia Johnson, PCV in Zambia, requested an Aloha Grant to help with her Library project at her school.  Thanks to the successful 2019 Oktoberfest fundraiser, we were able to give $500 to her Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant.  

In late November 2019, Dillon Quitugua, PCV in Nepal, requested a care package of sports items, classroom needs and Hawaiian foods.  The package took two + months and made it to his village in Nepal in January 2020.  The package contained a soccer ball, a volley ball, a basketball, a pump to fill the athletic balls, classroom markers, pens, pencils, stickers and local foods.

Community Involvement

RPCVHI members participate with Rep. Gene Ward(District 17) and RPCV in Borneo and in East Timor,    in the Representative’s annual Earth Day Ka’iwi Coastline Clean up.

RPCVHI members have supported the Department of Land and Natural Resources efforts to clean the Kawainui Marsh and the Hamakua Marsh on O'ahu's Windward side for the last seven (7) years.  Volunteers remove invasive plant species and plant native plants. 

April 27, 2019—Speech Festival at Moanalua High School.

RPCVHI members were invited to participate in the annual Speech Festival at Moanalua High School.  The purpose of the festival is to share information on the advantages of learning another language coupled with the experience and knowledge gained, especially if living and working in a foreign country.  The Speech Festival is a perfect fit for Peace Corps Volunteers to share experiences and language.  Also RPCVHI member Betsy Gilliland, Associate Professor in Second language department at UH-M, helped as a judge during the festival.  We have been invited back for the 2020 Speech Festival at Moanalua High School.  This is a WIN-WIN Community Involvement for our organization.

Mahalo to Amanda LeClerc, RPCV in China, and Jim Ogata, RPCV in Thailand, for their participation.  Amanda shared her experiences as a PCV in China and speaking Chinese.  Jim shared  lots of information about Thailand and the Thai language. 


Our board member Hali Robinett, RPCV in Marshall Islands, and Mary Santa Maria,  RPCV in Costa Rica) are our Advocacy Representatives.  Our Advocacy team has worked hard to keep all RPCVHI members informed about potential budget cuts to the Peace Corps. RPCVHI members have received messages from  NPCA Advocacy leaders in 2019 reminding all of the nationwide advocacy efforts.

From current news reports, the  President released his administration's 2021 budget, which includes a $9M cut to the Peace Corps (and a 21% cut to foreign aid). We need to stay vigilant.  Follow the this link: .

National Day of Action for the Peace Corps

As part of the 16th annual National Days of Action in support of the Peace Corps, community members from every corner of the country are organizing local solidarity events in support of the Peace Corps in March and April 2020.

What should we do here in Hawai’i ?

We are all members of the NPCA—the National Peace Corps Association– at the basic (free) level.  If you haven’t signed up, go to :

Reach Festival—Kennedy Center Celebration

RPCVHI participated in the Peace Corps community’s  opportunity to bring the Peace Corps experience to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on September 22, 2019. The event, with full public access and interactive activities for the whole family, was co-hosted by National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) and RPCVs of Washington, D.C.

RPCVHI participated with a  Presentation on Training in Hawaii, 1962 –1971, showing the “Sending Aloha Abroad” Film, and an interactive language activity.

We had an excellent activity!


RPCVS have many opportunities for socializing and networking in 2019:  Monthly Pau Hanas, New PCV send off party, the annual meeting, the annual picnic at Magic Island, and OKTOBERFEST. (Download file for photos.)

Administrative Accomplishments in 2019

By-Laws reviewed and updated—August 2019.

New payment processing via our website.

Online registration for events.

New chip for iPad to process purchases/payments at event sites.

Redesigned, updated, simplified the the website, "a work in progress".

Monthly communications to our contacts database.

Changed P.O. Box to better location for easier mail access.

Events for 2020   

Pau Hanas  -  First Fridays of the Month  

              Maybe a new location for Honolulu side?   SALT in Our Kaka’ako

Windward Pau Hanas?  a few times per year?

Send off Party for NEW PCVs– April 3, 2020  Islands Restaurant—Lanai area

Fund Aloha Grant requests or Care packages:  Ericka Pauley, PCV in Benin– 1st request of 2020

Annual Earth Day Ka’iwi Coastline Clean Up  — April 2020

Speech Festival at Moanalua High School   —April 25, 2020

The  Annual RPCVHI Picnic at Magic Island—Sometime during the summer  —

Peace Corps Connect (RPCV network) Conference in Seattle Washington— July 16-18, 2020

Annual Oktoberfest Fundraiser in October 2020

Participating in National Day of Service in January 2021—Instead of MLK Day

Beach Clean up with 808 Clean Up and Kokua Foundation

Fundraising Item to Reorder?

Reusable Grocery Bags- Fundraising item from 2015-2016

Set up - $1000 +/- for 200 ripstop nylon bags.

Sold for $10 each- all sold by 2017.


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Hawai`i Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, PO Box 29462, Honolulu, HI 96820-1862.
The Hawai`i Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and registered domestic non-profit organization in the State of Hawai'i.
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